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Do You Really Need Poker Strategy Software?

The question as to whether one really needs the increasingly popular poker software is one that has been coming up often on various poker forums in recent times
with opinion among the various participants divided right in the middle – and with proponents and the critics of such poker strategy software offering equally cogent arguments for their positions.

To answer the question as to whether you really need poker software
it is important to understand what this software is
how it works
who develops it and what it promises the people using it.

As it turns out
poker is a game of both skill and chance – so that a player’s odds of winning a particular game depends on that particular player’s skill in poker (strategy) as well as the player’s luck that particular day. Now what most of the poker strategy software promises is a way of improving the ‘skill’ aspect of poker
though the more audacious type (called cheating software) goes further to promise a way of improving one’s chances of winning a game of poker beyond skill
that is
by somehow tampering with the ‘luck’ aspect of poker.

most poker software can be classified as being either a playing (strategy) system
an odds calculator (which would help you work out whether it makes sense to continue in a particular poker game)
or as outright cheating software.

While there are a few free poker strategy software programs here and there
most of the available poker strategy software tends to be only for sale
with most going in the tens of dollars range
and a few going up to hundreds of dollars.

Since Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is the version of poker which is most open to betting
it naturally turns out that most of the available poker software revolves around this version of poker
though there are also a number of poker strategy software programs on the other versions of poker.

Most of the available poker software is developed by various experienced poker players
naturally with the help of some geeks to handle the technical side of it all.

at the end of it all
do you really poker strategy software?

The answer to the question as to whether or not you really need poker software will depend on the type of poker strategy software you have in mind. If the poker software you have in mind is the so-called ‘playing system’ poker strategy software (which seeks to enhance your poker skills)
then the question as to whether you really need it is very much like the question as to whether or not you need to take revision questions before an examination
which for most people is yes. On the other hand
if the poker strategy system you have in mind is the ‘cheating type’ which seeks to unfairly influence your chances of a particular game
whether or not you need it will depend on your values – much like whether or not you would cheat to pass an examination. This
in most cases will tend to boil down to whether the Russian adage that ‘the end justifies the means’ is an adage you agree with or not.

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