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Heads-Up SnG Action
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Poker Cup Australia 2008
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Senate Leader Reid Decides to Push Bill Legalizing Internet Poker

Senate Leader Reid Decides to Push Bill Legalizing Internet Poker

The staffers of Harry Reid
the Senate majority leader
are moving a bill to legalize Internet poker with the backing of large Nevada-based casinos
who argue that it will not only protect the interests of poker players
but also boost federal and state government tax revenues. Reid
who was initially opposed to Internet gaming
is aware […]

Poker Pros Understand Fold Equity
A level of online poker aggression that rarely gets discussed
but yet is quite prevalent and a large part of Texas Holdem poker games is fold equity. Fold equity is an advantage that the poker pro creates for himself by betting and raising
rather than just calling
with the intent of making his opponents fold their hands.

Re-election Of Frank And Reid To Boost US Online Poker

The future of US online poker looks bright because of the re-election of Barney Frank and Harry Reid
both staunch supporters of legislating
and taxing the online poker industry
in the mid-term polls. Harry Reids victory was not that easy
his toughest opponent being Sharron Angle
the Tea Party champion; but the Nevada-born former boxer […]

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Be a Winner with WINNER’S 2 Billionth Hand
Know Thy Enemy
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